Thrive Energy Mission

Thrive Energy is dedicated to improving the operational efficiency, productivity, and sustainability of our Federal, State, Municipal, Industrial and Commercial customers through the application of intelligent, energy efficient LED lighting solutions.

Our products give more light where and when it is needed, using less energy, then any of our competitors. We measure this in foot candles or LUX per watt, it is much more accurate then lumen’s per watt which most manufactures use to measure lights. Lumen’s per watt is measured within one meter from the fixture. A lot of fixtures are mounted very high from the surface making it hard to get light to the working area. Our lighting systems reduce power needed to give more light in the work area while saving energy and maintenance costs.

Our vision is for our intelligent luminaries to host and interconnect a variety of sensors and devices capable of monitoring many aspects of customer facilities, and communicating with people and assets to create an Internet of Things to add new values to the existing lighting infrastructure.

Our LED lighting is also capable of running on DC alternate power now saving even more power energy.

Tom McClellan
Managing Director

Tom brings to Thrive Energy decades of lighting and energy industry experience and expertise in a wide range of areas, including mechanical and electrical engineering, lighting system and luminaire design, energy efficiency, sales and marketing, solid state lighting technology, utility incentive programs, green power, and smart wireless lighting controls. His new patent pending design is even more efficient then past utility patents issued. Tom started Green Power Solutions in 2009 which now merged into Thrive Energy, partnering with a very strategic group of industry professionals. He was active in design of LED lighting where he authored several patents regarding the heat dissipation and design of LED lighting. He also led national sales teams developing new business relations with international and U.S. manufacturers including Tesla Motors, Heinz, ConAgra Foods, MIT, Conestoga Cold Storage, Sapa Profiles and Bronco Winery, just to name a few. He worked with power companies to create and implement special programs for rebates and incentives using LED solid-state lighting, daylight harvesting, and lighting controls. Organized meetings to educate state leaders, how to reduce energy with LED solid-state lighting and lighting controls.  Evaluated industrial facilities to recommend alternate lighting sources that would dramatically reduce energy consumption.