Marc Pacino
Federal-Military Experience SE Asia, Thailand, Vietnam, Japan, Okinawa

100% SDVOSB (Service Disabled Veteran Owned Small Business)

Marc Pacino started his federal career back in 1972 after serving two tours in Viet-Nam with the Americal

Division’s 198th Lt Infantry Brigade-Chu-Lai, South Viet-Nam. While overseas Mr. Pacino was recruited by the US Army Engineering & Construction CE, US Army Support Thailand USURSUPTHAI-(United States Army Support, Thailand).Construction-Civil Division.

Assigned to:  809th Engineer Battalion & Civil Engineering Group/234Th Engineering Battalion

Position: Asst. Chief of Contracting/Civil Construction Civil-Construction, Base Operations Contracting Division. His position started as contracting specialist leading to a full senior contracting officer position(s).

Upon completion of overseas duty Mr. Pacino, with the assistance of the VietNow Minority Task Force in CA attained funding to develop EnviroVision Environmental Services, Inc. and Madrid Engineering, Inc. Within one year Mr. Pacino developed its sister company Aztec Environmental Remediation, Inc. which was an “Emergency Spill Response” municipal, and hazardous waste remediation firm focusing on federal, state, and municipal service contracts.

After performing services in the Midwest (Chicago), NY, and the SE regions of the US, Mr. Pacino decided to focus entirely in the federal contracting arena. This was brought about by the SBA Small Business Programs, and the DOD Mentor-Protégé system, as well as the Department of Defense’s federal contracting division taking an extremely strong interest in Service Disabled Veteran Owned Small Business’s. (SDVOSB). In 2005 many of the federal military agencies such as Naval Facilities Engineering Command (NAVFAC), USACE (US Army Corps of Engineers), USAF, AFCEE, and many of the federal contracting agencies have started to focus on new Base Realignment and Closure Programs (BRAC) which specifically utilizes minority set aside contractors, and specifically Service Disabled Veterans to fulfill their Affirmative Action percentage quotas. The SDV contractor stands at the very top of the selection board due to the extensive lobbying that the Dept. of VA has performed over the past three years.

Please review an abbreviated listing of the federal experience Mr. Pacino brings to Ambiente Federal Services, LLC as its CEO and primary principal.

Software lighting systems for “Green-LEED” Applications (DOE)

Emergency Response Clients/Team-Partners:

O’Hare Int’l Airport | Clark Oil & Refinery    (Whiting, Indiana)

Midway Airport | Citi-Services Refinery (Whiting Indiana)

Orange County Airport | Exxon Oil Refinery (Houston, TX)

Edwards AFB | MWRDGC (Metro Water Reclamation District of Greater Chicago)

Camp Pendleton | Dept. of VA Medical Centers Gas/Oil Distribution Centers (Milwaukee-Chicago)

Malmstrom AFBvBP Oil (Dispatch Oil/Transfer Stations (Gulf/TRC Centers-MS.)

Sioux Nation/Bakken Oil Field PPA’s

Who We Are:


Anthem Federal Consulting (A division of Ambiente Federal Services)  specializes in developing Federal Business Development-Marketing, and Contracts Acquisitions Programs for Teaming-Partnering alliances for large IDIQ, MACC, DMACC, MATOC, BOA, POCA, SATOC, JOC, ECOS, MCOS, EMACC, and 4P-AE contract vehicles. Anthem develops and schedules all Capabilities Presentations, negotiates prime Team-Partnering & JV agreements, and prepares all in-house personnel in daily federal contract acquisition procedures, and reviews for project selection. These are only a few of our combined services.


Federal-Military Contracting Experience:    NAVFAC   USACE    


As a former Senior Contracting Officer for USARSUPTHAI (US Army Support Thailand) and a Senior Construction & Engineering Contracts Acquisitions Director for Navy Docks & Piers-PACDIV at Subic Bay. Philippines (Pacific Division)  In the past I have focused on assisting new 8(a), WBE-WOSB, MBE, Hub Zone, & SDVOSB-VOSB set aside and large Federal prime contractors in developing a strong federal “footprint” by Team-Partnering with Set Aside Small Business contractors who have the ability to “self-perform” many of the core competencies and capabilities the Source Selection Committees are seeking.


The Honorable Felix Camacho, Governor                      Ambiente’s Guam & CONUS Team Partner

of Guam & Marc Pacino, CEO Ambiente                

Federal Services/Anthem Federal Consulting                  Jack & Laura Poole



Parent Company:


EnviroVision Engineering & Construction Services, Inc.                        South Elgin, Illinois, Illinois

(A Hispanic owned Construction Design-Build & Civil Engineering Services Co.)

South Elgin, IL, Chicago, Los Angeles, Las Vegas, NV, Miami, FL

Position: Principal

Focus:  Private/Federal contracting and construction & environmental capabilities and services to the USACE, NAVFAC, AFCEE, MCAS, USCG, GSA, FEMA, Dept of Interior, Dept. Of Veteran’s Affairs,  Dept. of Prisons-States of CA, AZ, NV, & IL, USEPA, CAEPA, Water Quality Control Boards, NEPA, CEQA, Brownfield’s site remediation, etc.


Division # 1: Consisted of environmental consulting-engineering, design-build remediation systems for Brine-Bromide extraction, GAC (Granular Activated Charcoal) systems, Reverse Osmosis, Ion Exchange, site water resources contamination characterization-assessment, site remediation, groundwater-wastewater treatment systems.


Water Resources: Water contaminates solutions i.e. Perchlorate, TCE-PCE, Hexavelent Chromium, MTBE, Arsenics, abandoned well monitoring/ management, and “Pump & Treat” well system stabilization  , Brownfield’s Site Remediation, etc.

Division # 2: Consisted of civil-engineering and design build vertical-horizontal construction services for all federal, commercial, and municipal entities. Our primary focus is heavy civil engineering; underground utilities, design build construction, & electrical & HVAC/mechanical design build construction.


                                                    ROOFING DIVISION:


Division #3: One of the largest EPDM/Modified Bitumen, Metal Decks/Roofing, & built up roofing applicators in the Midwest. Highland Roofing, Inc. was a certified applicator for Carlyle Rubberized Membrane Systems, Gates EPDM, JP Stephens EDPM Systems, Awaplan, and US Intec Brie Modified Bitumen Systems. All systems were either mechanically fastened, heat leistered, or button installed (Duralast-type) applications.


Primary Business Development Core Disciplines:


  • Construction-Construction Management Heavy Underground Utilities Civil Engineering
  • Federal Contracting Teaming-Partnering-JV Agreements, Sole Source Negotiations
  • Federal Marketing Plans for new/existing 8(a), Hub Zone Consulting-Construction firms
  • Horizontal-Vertical Construction, Paving, Electrical, Fire Alarm (Suppression), Seismic Retrofit, interior/exterior, airfield and airstrip ILS lighting and electrical systems
  • Federal Programs, IDIQ, MATOC, TOC, 4P-AE, SABIR, WERC, HERC Contract Vehicles
  • Architectural, Civil/Design-Build, Demolition, Pre bid proposal preparation, QA/QC Capabilities
  • Pre-Bid proposal preparation, developing three Tier proposals for IDIQ-MACC-MATOC Submittals


Military Experience:


Basic Training 02/1967


Fort Benning

Jump School Harmony Church

Fort Benning


AIT: 06/1967

John F. Kennedy Center, Fort Bragg, North Carolina


E&E and Jungle Training Panama Canal Zone 1967



Fort Hood, TX 2nd AD-2 months then off to So. Vietnam




5th/46th INF

Americal Division

Chu-Lai South Vietnam (2 tours)

(Wounded during Operation Russell Beach during the 1968 TET Offensive) Purple Heart

(Wounded again 09/1968 at Quang Ngai Province on Riverboat Patrol enemy fire-shrapnel) Purple Heart

Transferred to 106th Army Hospital Yokohama, Japan 1.5 months-transferred to 5th Army Hospital Bangkok, Thailand

Released and transferred to 313th Trans Battalion.




313th Trans BN

Bangkok, Thailand

ETS’d in Bangkok, Thailand and joined as a civilian as an Asst. Chief of Contracting to USARSUPTHAI (US Army Support Thailand)



Military Contracting Experience:




USURSUPTHAI-(United States Army Support, Thailand).Construction-Civil Division

Assigned to:  809th Engineer Battalion & Civil Engineering Group/234Th Engineering Battalion

Position: Asst. Chief of Contracting/Civil Construction

Supervisor/Commanding Officer: LTC: Raymond D. Devers

This position was meant to be a temporary position until a replacement could be found. This evolved into a full time position as a civilian senior contracting officer.


Servicing: Korat, Kanchanaburi, 5th Army Hospital, Bangkok Phase I&II additions, (442nd Signal Battalion) Samesan, Sattahip, Ubon, Camp Vayama-Assigned TFY to USAF Engineering 4 months.


US Army Construction Support (USACSP) construction on-site mgr. Sattahip AFB, Thailand


USARSUPTHAI (US Army Support Thailand)-Satellite On-Site Office/Sattahip, Thailand.

US Army Engineering & Construction, HQTRS CO.-809th Engineer Battalion. (TDY from: 234Th Engineering Battalion. Civil Contracting Director designated responsibility for Sattahip, Udorn, Ubon, AFB’s. Coordinated all construction Presolicitations, RFQ’s, RFI’s, and direct award contracts to both American & Thai national construction firms.


2-12-72 to 12-02-72:


NAVFAC-Far East Division (Formerly named Navy Construction Support-Far East)

Position: Asst. Contracting/Tour of Duty (TDY) 13 months. Changed Federal agencies and was acquired by US Army Contracting Agency (ACA) stateside to Fort Ord, CA.

Civil-Construction, Base Operations Contracting Division




Operations Liaison Officer-USAF-Kadena AFB 12-20-1972-8-18-1973- CE-Contracting Officer

Assigned to Clark AFB, Philippines as Contracting Specialist Subic Bay, Philippines TDY (Tour of Duty) 13 months



Thomassat University, Bangkok, Thailand.  1/1969-2/1970.

This program was developed through the US Army Ed. Program while stationed in Thailand.

USURSUPTHAI-(United States Army Support, Thailand). Tour of Duty in Thailand-3 years.

US Army Construction Support (USACSP) construction on-site mgr. Sattahip AFB, Thailand

1-03-70: US Army Engineering & Construction 313 Trans. CE US Army Support Thailand

2-12-71 to 4-02-72: Civil-Construction, Base Operations Contracting Division

Operations Liaison Officer-Kadena AFB 5-20-1972-8-18-1973- CE-Contracting Officer

Navy Piers & Docks: Contracting ROICC Subic Bay, Philippines TDY (Tour of Duty) 13 months


Military installations:


Army Corps Los Angeles/Sacramento-Phoenix Districts, Fort Hood, Fort Sam Houston, Fort Bliss, NAWS-China Lake, Navy, South Div, NAS-Fallon, NAS-Lemoore, ACA-Pentagon, ACA-Ft. Meade, Andrews AFB, Shaw (JV), MCAS-Miramar, NAVFAC SW Div, Elmendorf AFB, Fort Wainwright, NAVFAC NW

Eglin, Tyndell, Patrick, Homestead AFB, NAS Pensacola, NAS South Division, 29 Palms-Pt. Camp Pendleton, NAS-Marianas (Guam) Hueneme/Pt Mugu

MCAS Miramar-Yuma-Barstow-Army Nat’l Training Center at

Ft. Irwin, CA, AFCEE Brooks City Base, March, Beale, Hill, Travis, Los Angeles AFB’s

Luke AFB, Nellis AFB, Tonopah, Hickam & Wheeler AFB, USDA, USACE-High Desert (Palmdale, CA), Army Corps, Ft. Shafter, HI, NAVFACENGCOM Pearl Harbor, HI, MCAS-Kaneohe, Barking Sands PMRF, Kauai



Providing expertise in the following disciplines:


Electrical Distribution High Voltage, Overhead Electrical Installations Airstrip electrical

Green Building Applications & Design Construction/LED Lighting Mfg.-Installation

Fire Alarm-Suppression-Wet/Dry Systems

Airport Runway paving-ILS Lighting, Aerial GPS Transponder Strip Auto Lighting Systems-“White” paving of high density Concrete paving

Airport Terminal Base Operations and Facilities Management-LED Lighting Retrofits

Solar Paneling & Mfg., and US Military-Design for LED and Solar Applications

Site excavation and all optic underground fiber optics


Federal-Military & International Military Organizations/Clients


USACE: Los Angeles/Sacramento, St. Louis, Louisville, New York, Fort Worth, Honolulu, Far East Districts, ACA-Fort Hood, Fort Sam Houston, USACE-Camp Zama (Japan), Fort Bliss, NAWS-China Lake, Navy, South Div., NAS-Fallon, NAS-Lemoore, ACA-Pentagon, ACA-Ft. Meade, Andrews AFB, Shaw AFB, MCAS-Miramar, March ARB, NAVFAC SW Div., NAVFAC NW, NAVFAC SE, NAVFAC Washington Shipyard, NAVFAC- Hueneme-Pt. Mugu, 4th Marine Logistics Group, New Orleans, LA, Fort Wainwright, Malmstrom AFB, Elmendorf AFB, Eglin AFB, Tyndell AFB, Patrick AFB, Homestead AFB, NAS Pensacola, NAS South Division, 29 Palms-Pt. Camp Pendleton, NAVFAC-Marianas (Guam) Kadena AFB, Yokota AFB, Misawa AFB’s-Japan/Okinawa, Camp Butler MCB, Iwakuni, NAF Atsugi,  Pacific Air Forces, PACAF, MCAS Miramar-Yuma-Barstow-Army Nat’l Training Center at Ft. Irwin, CA, AFCEE Brooks City Base, March, Beale, Hill, Travis, Los Angeles AFB’s, Luke AFB, Nellis AFB, Tonopah, , USDA, USACE-High Desert (Palmdale, CA), Army Corps, Ft. Shafter, HI, NAVFACENGCOM Pearl Harbor, HI, MCAS-Kaneohe, Barking Sands PMRF, NAVFAC-Kauai

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